Remember yourself as a light


A meditation on light, our reality. This technique helps us to get in touch with our inner flame.


Stage 1: (10min.)
Sit, eyes closed, hands on your heart. In your heart a flame is burning, the flame can be any colour, any size. Feel the warmth, the light. A flame is burning in your heart.

Stage 2: (10 min.)
With total presence, move in a slow walk, eyes lowered. Your body is just an aura of light around the flame. Let the body make any slow movements it wants while walking.

Stage 3: (20 min.)
Dance like a flame. Flickering, warm, consuming everything. Staying aware that in your heart a flame is burning and your body is made of light.

Stage 4 (20min.)
Lie down in silence, aware of the inner flame.

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