Moving Within


A meditation to get in touch with our more subtle energies...

What the Master calls: "our bliss body."


First stage: (10 min:)
Sitting comfortably, place the palms of your hands over the closed eyes - let the touch be as light as a feather. When we touch the eyes lightly the energy moves in and collects in the third eye.

Second stage: (10 min.)
Standing up with hands on your heart center, stert feeling that the energy is moving from the head to the heart. It begins slowly - drop by drop until it becomes a river. The heart becomes flooded with light energy.

Third stage: (15 min:)
Feel your hands from within, and how full they are and without physically touching play with the aura that surrounds your hands.

Fourth stage: (15 min.)
Dancing softly - with the awareness that the whole body is totally surrounded with this aura.

Fifth stage (10 min.)
Be silent and still

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