OSHO Vipassana retreat
OSHO Vipassana retreat
OSHO Vipassana retreat

OSHO Vipassana retreat

From Zorba to Buddha

What better way to begin 2022 than to let the Zorba energy of the festive season settle into the Buddha?

Vipassana is an opportunity to rest inside while the excitement of the New Year settles. Begin the New Year as a Buddha and already one of your resolutions to meditate is done.

Osho Vipassana is a time to just be and watch; easy on the body; nothing for the mind to get involved in, just you relaxing in a silent pool of your own energy.

Vipassana is also known as an insight meditation, when without ‘thinking about’ something, understanding can happen.

The Retreat is for five days . We will be in silence for this time, (except to have a private session if you wish).

Love Yourself And watch,

today, tomorrow and always.


Agriturismo "Le torracce" - Assisi - Italy


2 January 2022 (9pm.) - 7 January
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