OSHO Neo Vipassana Retreat
OSHO Neo Vipassana Retreat
OSHO Neo Vipassana Retreat

OSHO Neo Vipassana Retreat

Allow yourself the luxury of just being. With no outside influences to distract you, see what is possible when you bring your awareness, your attention, back to yourself.

Through awareness of the breath, we can watch, without getting involved, as our mind’s dramas slow down. Our thinking process settles when we withdraw our attention and involvement with it.  Vipassana is known as an insight meditation. An insight is an understanding that can happen, not through thinking, but through giving the thinking process a rest – i.e. meditation.

We will be doing Vipassana sessions with an opportunity each day for an individual session, if you want to share with Shunyo what is happening for you.


“Silence is not a quality of the mind. Mind cannot be made silent. Silence is the quality of your inner soul, of your inner being. It is always there but whenever you become passive, non-thinking, you become aware of it, and then you are unoccupied. In that unoccupied moment, meditation happens.” Osho


Osho Miasto - Siena - Italy


11 - 15 September 2020
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