The Magic of Reality

A Meditation Retreat

Reality is right where we are and magic happens when we can know it, because most of the time we don’t know it. 
Or maybe sometimes we know it, but then it is gone again…

During this workshop we will explore how our busy minds take us into past and future and we miss the moment. Moving from thinking to feeling, from head to heart is the easiest way to be present. 

Through Osho’s meditations from “The Book of Secrets”, we will see the magic that happens when we understand and accept change, and how insecurity can be a door into the present moment. We will be using our senses as ways to be present, and also meditations on sound.

The techniques are practiced sometimes alone, and sometimes with a partner, sometimes in silence and stillness, sometimes in dance and celebration. Marco playing live music, especially created for the meditations, gives our workshop a joyful atmosphere that supports us to let go into the moment.

​Our approach includes the intention of taking meditation into daily life.  You need a technique that you can practice in everyday surrounding.  Then in daily life you can practice a mediation technique and continue, at the same time, with daily activities.  Meditation does not then become separate from daily life, because it is not. The inner life is really what has been forgotten.

“Reality is nothing special and extraordinary – it is there, it is everywhere. Only your mind is an unreal thing. Mind creates illusion, MAYA, mind creates dreams – and then you are clouded in them. And you are trying to do the impossible, that which cannot be done: you are trying to find the real through the mind. You lose the real through the mind, you cannot find it through the mind. You have to drop the mind completely.

Yes, the way is right before your eyes – but you are not there. ”  

(Osho – And the flowers showered 5)




Osho Risk - Brædstrup - Denmark


28 July - 1 August 2021
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