OSHO Meditation Training 2

OSHO Meditation Training 2

The Meditation Training is for you if you wish to teach Osho's meditations in a professional way, and it is also for you if you or simply want to share with friends or family and many people do the training simply to help deepen their own meditation.

It is for people who have done Part I, but if you are already sharing meditations and wish to be more available for counseling people and more confident in answering questions about meditation, then this training is also for you.

Meditation counseling is a way to answer questions and encourage people to continue with their meditation if things get difficult, or even if they feel they have no need to go any further, then the counselor's skill is to help people accept whatever is happening and keep going. 
We began working with this in the Meditation Training part one but there are far deeper levels to go in this area. You will have the opportunity to present Osho meditations in the Buddha hall of Miasto as well as learn some techniques in relaxing and basic communication skills. We will be looking at Osho's teaching on witnessing and finding ways to use this in our everyday life and how to pass on this understading to others.‘The best way to learn is to teach,' says Osho. You do not need to wait for enlightenment to be able to share Osho's methods, but it is necessary to come from your own experience of meditation. We will be practicing different methods of Osho's meditations together, including meditations from ‘The Book of Secrets' and Vipassana. It is an experiential workshop but also includes some theory and writing, and you will receive a booklet of quotes and techniques.



Osho Miasto - Siena -Italy


1 - 5 June 2022
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