Mystery of the heart
Mystery of the heart

Mystery of the heart

A meditation retreat

In the meeting of meditation and love is the meeting of man and woman.  In this retreat you will learn to trust your heart and to relax into that trust.  The heart is the closest to the mystery of existence and the head is the furthest away.  Our heads think but our hearts know, and this is a qualitatively different kind of knowing.  We will be doing meditations to support this journey from the head to the heart center and to create more inner space.

In the loving and caring atmosphere of this retreat, you will experience the world around you through your heart, and with meditation and understanding, you can take this new experience out into your daily life.  There will also be meditations on darkness, and on light.  You will practice coming more and more back to being in the moment, of being present.  Some of the meditations are practiced alone and some with a partner.  

Marco will play live music for us and add another dimension of joy and non-seriousness to our journey. This can create the right atmosphere for you to move into the mystery of your hearts.

Our approach includes the intention of taking meditation into daily life.  You need a technique that you can practice in everyday surrounding.  Then in daily life you can practice a mediation technique and continue, at the same time, with daily activities.  Meditation does not then become separate from daily life, because it is not. The inner life is really what has been forgotten.​

"Let your love move through the process of meditation.
I teach you love as luxury, not love as need.” - Osho


Osho Risk - Brædstrup - Denmark


25 - 28 July 2019
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tel. (+45) 7575 2500