To the heart of Meditation

To the heart of Meditation

In this course we learn to trust our hearts and to relax into that trust.

The heart is the closest to the mystery of existence and the head is the furthest away.

Our heads think but our hearts know and this is a very different kind of knowing to knowledge.

We will be doing meditations to move from the head to the heart center.

Through trust and relaxation we learn how to give and how to receive.

During these days, in a loving and caring atmosphere we can experience the world around us through our hearts, and through meditation and understanding, then take this new experience into our daily lives.

Osho shares with us the Path of Love and Awareness.

He says that without awareness our love relationships are unconscious and we create misunderstandings and unhappiness.

Awareness is needed, but without love, just awareness can become dry, like a desert.

We will be enjoying many of Osho’s meditations from ‘The Book of Secrets’,

as well as his revolutionary active meditations.

Some of the meditations are practiced alone and some with a partner.

Marco playing live music for us adds another dimension of joy and non-seriousness to our journey, as well as creating the right atmosphere for us to move into the mystery of our hearts.


Amarti - Pisa - Italy


19 October 9pm. - 22 October 2017
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