Three doors to Liberation
Three doors to Liberation
Three doors to Liberation

Three doors to Liberation

Love, Death and Meditation

Love, Death and Meditation are the three doors to discover yourself and they all occur in the present moment.

Love is the first door. It is the easiest door from where we can transcend this world of the horizontal and enter the world of the vertical. The vertical consists of silence, blissfulness, ecstasy; the horizontal consists of mind, attachments, conditioning, and the busy world.
In this workshop we look deeper into love as meditation, with techniques and methods to open and express our heart energy. Moving from thinking to feeling.

Death is the second door. We will introduce you to some tantric meditations and in-depth enquiry into death with the understanding that death is not against life, they are both part of one process.
This will include meditations on insecurity and accepting and celebrating change.
Death is a door to liberation when we can understand it is part of life; accept it as a friend, and live embracing both life and death together.

Meditation, is the third door. It must become a way of living and not something to be done just once a day.
We will practice methods from Osho's Book of Secrets that include meditations on sound and listening, looking and touch; techniques that can easily become part of everyday life.

The deeper and more intense is our search for liberation the more fulfilling our life becomes.

And, all these methods are done in a light and non-serious way with music created by Marco especially created for the techniques we will be doing.

These three doors await for you to enter, whether you are old or young, new to meditation or a seasoned traveller.


Osho Risk - Braedstrup - Denmark


26 July - 29 July 2018
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