The secret harmony of sound

The secret harmony of sound

In this workshop we will search in the depths of our inner world, for that is where harmony resides: the harmony between the body, the mind and the being.

On the surface there is usually just a lot of noise – thoughts, feelings and emotions chasing each other in an endless race. In the depths we can discover the source of our existence, silence, peacefulness and joy; we can hear the hidden harmony. We have heard it before, but we have forgotten.

We will use sound to enter into soundlessness. Mind is sound and in silence there is no mind, but sound can be used as a path to silence. Osho’s meditations from ‘The Book of Secrets” teaches us methods that use sound to go beyond mind. You will discover simple and easy methods to understand the busy mind. Understanding our minds helps us go beyond the endless chatter and we enter a silent place of peacefulness.

We will use music for a healthy, calming and focusing effect to touch the different layers of our existence.

Music will stimulate the body and dance will be created.

Music will stimulate the mind and glimpses will be revealed.

Music will stimulate the being and silence will be felt.

Meditation is the pathway to our being, the space from where the hidden harmony can be heard again.


Osho Miasto - Siena - Italy


Friday 18 August - Monday 21 August - 2017
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