Passion for Meditation
Passion for Meditation

Passion for Meditation

Do you ever feel that something is missing in your life, but you cannot pin-point what it is?

Through meditation you may uncover some destiny you have to fulfill, and through relaxed loving awareness you have the tools to explore.

Passion is creative, it creates energy. It is fire. Passion is life…and it is the only way for meditation to exist.

In these days we use techniques from an ancient tantric text and Osho’s revolutionary methods to light that fire of passion and learn ways of integrating it in our daily lives.

Meditation is as natural urge as sex, and like sex, it has its own time. Discover if it is time for you. Time to move passionately and intensely in love with life through meditation.


Osho Miasto - Siena - Italy


31 March - 2 April 2018
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