Dying to live

Dying to live

Learning to get the most out of life - With Shunyo and Tarika

Many people realize when they are dying that they have not really lived. So many things they really wanted to do were postponed or denied and much of their life was spent living for others.

In these five days we will explore what death has to teach us about life, working towards demystifying the experience enough so we can allow ourselves to live life to its fullest potential.

"Just the very idea – as if it is the last moment – will transform you. Then there is no need to be jealous, no need to be angry. In the last moment of life, who wants to be angry and jealous, sad and miserable? In the last moment of life, naturally all grudges and all complaints of life disappear. If each moment is taken as the last – as it should be taken because the next is uncertain – you are changing yourself, and your change is going to be infectious. It may change the whole world, but you had never intended it to. That is my way of changing the world without being aggressive." OSHO


Osho Miasto - Siena - Italy


4 April - 8 April 2018
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